It’s easy to wonder want went wrong

Canon AE-1 + Fujicolor C200

Summer time :)

Canon AE-1 + Fujicolor C200

Maligayang kaarawan, Gat Jose Rizal! 

Canon AE-1 + Agfa CT Precisa 100

I was waiting up for you

Canon AE-1 + Fujicolor C200

Yes, it is already summer in this part of the planet. And we are enjoying it by having a dip at the river! :)

Canon AE-1 + Centuria 400 Expired

Sunrise and Sunset

The former signifies life while the latter betokens deathBut something is baffling meFor Sunrise during these days denotes passingAnd Sunset marks living

Maybe I am just confusedFor when you came Sunset was our denAnd when you left Sunrise became an end

Canon AE 1 + Fujicolor C200

Love is spending time with you even on the simplest way.

Nikon F55 + Fujicolor C200

Somehow somewhere, there’s another us existing in alternate realities.

Canon AE-1 + Centuria 400

100 followers! Thank you so much guys!

At the train station

Canon AE1 + Fujicolor C200

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